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Case Overview

Most of the medical generalists have deployed Business Intelligence applications to the healthcare market directly or through partners. The companies tracked in this quadrant have financial means to penetrate most markets, but may not be as focused and interested in the same markets as MediSolution, healthcare being an obvious pick. It will be therefore very important for MediSolution to position itself as a domain expert if/when confronted to these partners.

On the other hand, the large database vendors (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle) have embedded (Microsoft SQL) or are selling (IBM, Oracle) somewhat packaged toolkits for customers to build their own Business Intelligence applications. However, only very large healthcare institutions with large IT staffing will be able to financially embark into this venture. With the help of Conet-Tech, Medisolution’s counter should be based on cost of development and maintenance. Cost in the in software acquisition, cost in the training and learning curve, cost in developing the application, very important cost in data integration, overhead cost and most importantly, cost in maintaining and growing the application. By the time MediSolution will have invested close to $1M in developing MediVue v1 application with Conet-Tech Inc.

Customer Overview
Founded in 1974, MediSolution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is a leading information technology company, providing ERP software, solutions and services to healthcare and service sector customers across North America. Almost 375 healthcare, public and service sector organizations rely on MediSolution's systems to maximize their operational efficiencies, lower their costs and improve the delivery of services

The technologies
- Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft .NET Framework, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, PKI, ScoreCards, Web Parts
- Windows Server and SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Medisolution OLAP, Cubes, Business Intelligence, IIS
- Microsoft Visio, Web Services
- Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Dundas controls, SharePoint Services, FrontPages



Conet-Tech has designed this product to support English and French, and therefore allow MediSolution to address the North American market and provide the ability to expand to other French or English countries. Initially, the Business Intelligence solution should be healthcare focused as it will be crucial for MediSolution to provide healthcare domain Business Intelligence, where its core competences are today, to differentiate against other Business Intelligence offers in the marketplace. Narrow focus will be required to win and position for future expansion into other industries.

This being said, the first targeted regions should be Ontario and Quebec, where MediSolution’s installed base is significant and potentially provide shorter sales cycles based on established customer relationships and distribution means.

The solution to these challenges is now expressed as Business Intelligence platforms and applications. This program’s objectives are:
1. Consolidate and productize current project-driven BI offers:
  • SharePoint based projects: Argenteuil, The Scarborough Hospital, BNQ , LHSC Demo, 2Rives
  • Virtuo data mart and report portal

This will allow MediSolution:
  • To increase customer appeal as customers prefer packaged solution over custom projects
  • To simplify of marketing, selling, and in turn decrease cost of sale
  • To drive repeatability, up selling and translate in improved profitability

2. Capture the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) and Quebec’s Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (MSSS) score carding business opportunity
3. Include the integration engine as part of the product offer to maximize IP and facilitate up selling BI to existing interface engine customers
4. Provide a Business Intelligence layer to the following MSH products:
  • MediAR
  • MediPay
  • MediAcces
  • MediLab
  • MediHR

This will add competitive differentiation and/or parity to selected MSH products. The Business Intelligence layer, when sold with MSH products, will not be branded as MediVue. It will be sold as an additional product-specific Business Intelligence layer to provide attractive pricing / incentives. However, upon installation, the whole MediVue technology stack will be installed so that customers can easily choose to ‘upgrade’ to MediVue to get access to the full product functionality. In such case, a fixed upgrade fee will be charged.

5. Expand product offer to the USA healthcare market and other North American vertical markets


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